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Crammed Discs is an indie label on a par with Crepuscule, located in Brussels, Belgium and established in 1981. The label owner is Marc Hollander. He did Kamikaze Project (that later became Akasak Maboul) with Mark Mulan who was part of Telex, and he was also a member of Honeymoon Killers. The label is divided into sub-labels; Crammed Today for multinational pop, Made To Measure for ambient music and soundtracks, and Cramboy for Tuxedomoon. Though many indie labels who make good music have been having financial difficulties, Crammed and its associated labels seem to be doing very well focusing on world music and techno.

They’re now re-issuing their 80's Crammed releases. 12 re-issues of original albums and then 2 sets of compilations, and a limited edition boxset.

the CD sleeve is linked to hmv.co.jp (also available at amazon.fr)..
Crammed Global Soundclash - Vol.1: World Fusion

Crammed Global Soundclash - Vol.2: ElectroWave

The original album re-issues contain the everlasting masterpiece "La Debutante" by SONOKO who appears in this interview. Colin Newman, a producer, commented "It is pure and special music." Although it is not an album which many people know because it was too ahead of its time, it is a work I want many more people to listen to. Now let her tell the tale about the "talk tape" which she sent as a demo and made her debut possible on Crammed.