『 h 2000 』
('00 djhonda RECORDINGS)

1.honda 2000 2.the way-feat.RAWCOTIKS 3.we don't play-feat.S-ON,MANIFEST,RAWCOTIK,MISSIN'LINX 4.get on your job-feat.RAWCOTIKS,PLOBLEMZ,BLACKATTACK 5.live wire n*ggas-feat.S^ON,BLACKATTACK 6.berserk-feat.S-ON 7.fingers in the air-feat.BLACKATTACK 8.big dreams-feat.SUPERNATURAL 9.the eclipse-feat. manifest 10.old school new school-feat.BLACKATTACK 11.Foundation-feat.MOS DEF

『 h ? 』
('01 djhonda RECORDINGS)

1.HipI Hop 101-feat.Parrish{PMD}Smith 2.Gun Hold-feat.M.O.P. 3.Real To Me-feat.TRIPLE SEIS,HEADCRACK,JKEONYE) 4.Head's A Hustler-feat.HEADCRACK,DONNY MIDNITE) 5.Smokin’ Session-feat.DJ ALADDINl 6.F*ck With Us-feat.THE BEATNUTS,BUTTAH,WILLIE STUBS,MARLY GATZ) 7.Wild Roded-feat.PSYCHO LES 8.Know What I Mean-feat.PARRISH{PMD}SMITH,ROB JACKSON,8OFF AGALLAH,J-BOOGIE,RAH-SUN 9.Act Like Ya Know-feat.TEFLON 10.We Run Sh*t-feat.The GRAVEDIGGAZ 11.El Presidente-feat.JERU THE DAMAJA 12.Life Sh*t-feat.BLACKATTACK

('02 djhonda RECORDINGS)

1.Underground Connect 2.Beginning To End Live 3,Beginning To End 4,honda 1 5.Constant Elevation 6.Bruce 7.Who Could You Trust 8.EPMD Live* 9.Look At You/EPMD* 10.Police 11,Rhyme 4 Me 12.HipHop Universal 13.Know What I Mean feat.ROB JACKSON,J-BOOGIE,DON FUQUAN 14.How Many feat.BUTTAH OF THE RAWCOTIKS 15.Love Is Love feat.275 16.Banger 17.Rocksteady 18.Watch Me 19,Under Ground Connect