It was a few years ago that I became to know Freezepop listening to their Japanese song "Tenisu No Boifurendo" by Bitter who is known as a strange Electro Pop collector. Later, their label contacted me and I got addicted by listening more. Here are the interviews with them who just released the new album "Fancy Ultra Fresh" in March.

Japanese Translation of "Freezepop Loves Japan"

--Where did the band name "Freezepop" come from? I like it as it really fits your kitsch sound and visual. I understand "Freezepops" is a kind of frozen snack, but it would be helpful if you can explain it since it's not popular in Japan.

Sean: We are named after frozen treats that are not popular in Japan. I ate them every day exclusively for three months. Then I got a fancy helmet and made beats and ate sharks.

Liz: Freezepops are like popsicles, they're the ones that come in clear plastic sleeves. Like on the cover of our new CD. Blue ones are my favorite.

--All of you have weird names: Liz Enthusiasm, the Duke of Pannekoenken, and the Other Sean T. Drinkwater. Are there any special meanings?
a picture at the middle east upstairs, October 2003 (by robotkid)

Duke: Pannekoeken are basically Dutch crepes. All sweet and delicious with powered sugar!

Sean: I am a clone of the original Sean T. Drinkwater. I wear ice skates sometimes. I am full of Rock'n'Roll energy. I am fresh. I shine, everything is real.

Liz: My parents, Professor and Mrs. Enthusiasm, named me Elizabeth, but Liz is my nickname.

--How do three of you work together to create songs? It is seems that Yamaha's QY70 is an important tool for Duke.

Sean: We don't always collaborate, but when we do Liz and I are usually more helpful in the melodic/lyric side, with the Duke arranging. He is certainly capable of that and more, I would guess. I am the prime arranger for Lifestyle. We have a free web album here. You already knew that but I think it is like American flashcards.

Liz: Sometimes we all work together. Sometimes not. Usually I write lyrics, and the Duke matches them up with music that he's written. There's a bit of back-and-forth, and sooner or later, we end up with a song. The music all initially gets written on the QY70, but he's started working more computer-magic with it during the recording process.

--You have been releasing your works on Archenemy Records based on Boston. How did you end up to working with this label?

Sean: We formed the label after eating a big bunch of bright fruits. There were several bowls to choose from in Boston. We were all wearing sunglasses and it looked like a cartoon...far out...we were agape.

Liz: Sean may or may not be telling the truth. Archenemy is the label he and I formed along with our friends Boothnavy (from Sean's other band Lifestyle) and Rick. We started it because we had lots of friends who were in great bands, and we wanted to put out their music. And then eventually, we put out our own music too.

Archenemy Records